06 January 2010


Now, we’re here in a new year. Time when we can reflect about what we already done in the past. And at the same time it’s a time for us to make a new perspective about things that we can do in the future.

The word that can reflect about our resolution or plan in this new year is change. The change is a suitable word that describe about us and the world around us. We have to realize that the world around us are always change and it’s very dynamize. The world around us will always change time to time.

The things around us are not a static thing. New technology discover and produce from to time. New concept and method always establish every day. These things are change our life and our thinking and will advancing our quality of life.

It’s us who must follow the world around us. And, it’s not them who will follow us. So, we must change. change to be a better person who always suitable with the time we live and suitable with the world around us.

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