09 January 2010

Why We Must Have QWERTY Phone? (part 1)

When people were busy-crowded talking blackberry, I'm including one that does not really care. At that time I did not see something different and special in a gadget called the blackberry. I even think that the blackberry is just a trend and assume that people are interested in the blackberry is only idle people who only just follow a trend but don't really know functionality of the gadget.

I did not much care and do not try to better understand the function of blackberry and how it be different from regular phone. In my mind no different between blackberry and other phone.

Internet access provided by the blackberries are not attractive to me, even at the same time I need a tool that can facilitate internet access. I have not seen the blackberry as Internet access solution that I need.

When Blackberry released recently, mobile phones with a sense of blackberry began to emerge. These phones have a physical form similar to the blackberry but with functions that are not much different from regular phones. These phones trying to take advantage of trends that grown up by the presence of blackberry. With a cheaper price blackberry like phones is of course interesting for those who want blackberry but can not reach a fairly expensive price. presently, blackberry like phone flooded market in Indonesia.

Of course there are real differences between the blackberry and blackberry like phone. Although we may not be able to distinguish between the blackberry and blackberry phone in form. The difference, of course, in terms of functionality. Considering the price that is relatively far different, of course many people would prefer this blackberry like phone. However, this aspect of functionality that should be considered, not just follow trends or fashion.

The cheap prices offered by the blacberry like phone was made me a bit tempted, too. I originally did not really care to be tempted to try the phone also think about this gadget. convenience factor for internet access was a key factor that made me think about the phone and will begin to look this kind of phone.

This backberry like phone in my view has two strategic sides. as a mobile phone it's trying to compete with blackberry, this phone has a form similar to the blackberry. This is realized with a QWERTY keypad which is similar to a computer keyboard arrangement. This forms of key arrangement is made without no purpose. Phone functions are more than just voice communication to be the main reason of this kind of form buttons.

Another strategic side is this phone still a communication device that can not leave it's function. The phone still be useful to facilitate communication with an affordable cost. This Appropriate and affordable cost is the reason why people interest with this phone.

In addition, the relative price of the device that cheaper than real blacberry making this blacberry like phone or QWERTY phone has become very appealing. this blackberry like phone can bring convenience and sensation of real blacberry but with affordable cost as regular phone. The combination of two of its strategic interests.

For that reason, I will start hunting this QWERTY phone without a doubt with functionality reasons, although many people choose this phone as part of a mere fashion.

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