28 December 2009

simple question

What should i call my self?

I must work harder and spend more time than someone else to get more money. I should work at holiday when others take a time on vacation. I must finish my side job at the same time when i see my children playing around.

I can't stay with my children when they're need me beside them. I always have no time to be with my children cause I have endless work to do where i can get more money from there.

Now, I'm just have a simple question in my mind. Am I a workaholic or just a desperate married man who need more money?

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Bobby said...

Hallo Bayu...
Ada waktunya kerja, ada waktunya istirahat dan ada waktunya bermain sama anak. Mencari uang itu penting tetapi membahagiakan anak lebih penting. Keseimbangan itu indah...